Gold Cup 2014

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Doggies have to have first dibs on Heaven…

Dear Family and Friends:

I am heartbroken to tell you that our dearest Damsel died yesterday.  A prettier, sweeter dog never was. We were bonded and I will miss her so much words cannot express. In the last month her heart problems worsened and a terrible tumor cropped up in her abdomen. I couldn’t let her suffer and I was at peace that it was the day yesterday.  She was very weak. I had her much, much longer than I ever thought I would when she was diagnosed with serious heart problems. Knowing that made time with her much more special.

Corinne (who gave her to me and saw her come into the world) and Sharon who cared for her while I was at work, and her daughter Cheyenne who never knew a life without her in it came to see her yesterday and Damsel didn’t even have the energy to greet them.  They came with me to the vets and there were many tears and hugs and kisses and I think Damsel knew she was dearly loved. Sad, but very peaceful. Good tears at many, many funny stories of her life and great memories of her affectionate sweetness. So, so dear. She made me smile every day of her life. I told a neighbor who adored her Damsel was sick and she gasped and said “But she’s like a little person!.” She had a wonderful life and was a favorite with all my neighbors. She couldn’t see anyone without wanting to say hello.

When dad met her he said “Of all the puppies in Christendom, she is the prettiest.” I have good memories of all of you with her and they make me smile.

I was so spoiled – there was never a concept in her heart of running away – why? She was home.  My shadow for 12 years and the eager, affectionate,  joyful companion of a thousand walks and adventures.  What a gift. What a great dog. God bless you forever my love. I cherish you and love, love, love you. I thank God for your life.

Raise a glass to her tonight will you and join me in giving thanks for her life.

Much love,


Morning Flowers



SMITH, CAPTAIN (U.S. NAVY, RETIRED) ROBERT H., 86, died February 28, 2012, at his home in Coral Gables, Florida. Bob was born April 9, 1925, in the Panama Canal Zone. His parents were Captain (U.S. Navy) Robert H. Smith, Sr. and Frances Bresnahan Smith. Bob graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1947 and rose to the rank of Captain during his career in the surface fleet, which included the command of the U.S.S. Wilkinson, out of Newport, R.I. After his retirement, Bob continued to work for many years in the defense consulting field in Honolulu, Hawaii and in Northern Virginia. He was one of theforemost authorities in the field of anti-submarine warfare.

Bob was a thoughtful and forceful advocate for the U.S. Navy. He wrote frequently for U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings,including four U.S.N.I Foundation gold medal winning essays.

Bob was also a passionate reader of literature. His memory was extraordinary, and he regularly recited his favorite poems, from John Donne to A.E. Housman to Edna St. Vincent Millay.

In addition, Bob was a committed writer of fiction, and produced many short stories and several novels. Bob edited and published the non-fiction work of several other authors. He published much of his work and the work of others under the imprint he founded, Ancient Mariner Press.

Bob was married for 42 years to Athena Plastas Smith, who predeceased him in 1994. They had a wonderful marriage, traveled the world and had four children together along the way.

Later, Bob had the great fortune to meet and marry the loving companion of his last seventeen years, Winifred Smith. They enjoyed many adventures together and came to Coral Gables in 2007.

Bob is survived by his son Robert (Miami), and daughters Frances Brooke O’Neil (Atlanta), Siobhan (Northern Virginia), Victoria Larson (Northern Virginia), step-daughter Jennifer Schaub (Annapolis), grandchildren Travis O’Neil (Atlanta), Ansley O’Neil (Boston) and step-grandchildren Dylan Schaub and Luke Schaub (Annapolis), all of whom loved and admired him, and will remember him all of their lives.

Bob’s remains will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery later this Spring.

The family will host a celebration of Bob’s life this Saturday, March 10th,at the Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables, in the Segovia Room, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests that those who wish to do so, may make a contribution in Bob’s memory to the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

Captain Bob

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RIP: Robert Smith

Secret Santa

Vicker would like:

  • Camel colored sweater (just a suggestion – doesn’t have to be) or something kind of neutral and not too heavy.
  • Earrings – (just surprise me)
  • Zappos gift certificate (my new fav for shoe shopping on-line) www.zappos.com

Siobhan  would love

  1. a trip to Ireland with mi pero and a mystery man, and, of course,
  2. world peace
  3. some PJs, socks, trouser socks, perfume (Light Blue, or Summerhill – Crabtree and Evelyn)

Jen really needs a new kitchen, but if that seems to extravagant, here are some other possibilities…

  • t-shirt from In the Company of Dogs.com  Da1-054 women’s tee XL  It’s all fun and games….
  • good novel
  • workout wear/yoga wear size large
  • gardenia candle from garnet hill
  • any other fun surprises 🙂

Odalys’ List:

1)  Sweater twin set (shell & cardigan) in white (Size small)

2) Macy’s gift card (Always great to have as I go there to get my make-up, face & eye cream, pantyhose, etc. on a regular basis)

3)  Yoga workout close  (Size small)

4) Vacation to Europe with mi esposo  (Okay, okay… just kidding)


Bob’s List:

1) Gift Certificate to the Biltmore for golf (Bob enjoys going there to hit practice balls — even if he doesn’t play a full game of golf).  He hasn’t done this in a long while and I know he enjoys it.  Perhaps if he had a gift certificate it would motivate him to get out there and hit some balls and have some fun.)

2) Khaki colored Bermuda Shorts (Size 36) (Bob can never have too many of these living in Miami)

3) Vacation to Europe with mi esposa (Okay, okay… just kidding)